How I should setup Mandrill in order to send and receive mail?

September 28, 2013 8.5k views
I have 3 different domain names on my current droplet, and I would like to be able to have custom email addresses for each of them. Anyway, the problem is that I'm not so pro with the unix shell and mail servers and I don't want to do anything stupid and compromise the security. What is the best way to setup Mandrill, or what other server do you guys recommend (except Google Apps)? Thank you!
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The TXT record should be called mandrill._domainkey and not mandrill._domainkey.
Ok, I managed to set up the SPF but I'm stuck at DKIM. I keep getting the same error that its missing. I noticed that the Zone File shows the code on 2 lines, is that normal ?
@Kamal I just fixed it, and yes you are correct. Also, the key must not contain spaces and should be between double quotes. Thanks a lot!
Ok so, I managed to set up Mandrill and I installed Postfix but I can't manage to set it up correctly for multiple email accounts. Where am I supposed to create the new users for each individual user? I followed a couple of tutorials but I don't know if I did it correctly because when I use "sendmail" aparently I can send from any user I want and there's no limitation aparently. How many steps do I need to follow until I reach logging in from a webmail like Roundcube ?

Thank you all!
@vcatalin007: I don't think you can use a webmail client such as Roundcube while using Mandrill for mail.

Take a look at Google Apps,,, or similar services.
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