How is bandwidth pricing calculated when droplets are created and destroyed multiple times in one month?

April 3, 2013 3.1k views
I understand that if I have a 512MB Memory, 1 Core server running I get 1TB or transfer per month until it costs $0.02/GB. What happens if I create a droplet, use 1TB, destroy it, then a week later create a new one? I create two droplets, use 1.5TB on one, 0.5 on the other in one month?
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Hey Richard,

That's a great question that's why we aren't yet charging for bandwidth until we figure out the edge cases like this =]
Awesome. So right now, even if I'm just using one 1GB and I go over 2TB there won't be any charge for bandwidth?

Thanks a lot!
DO should not charge for BW as long as they don't have BW info in their panel.
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