How long are automatic backups kept?

Posted October 4, 2014 3.5k views

Hi guys,

maybe I am blind or something, but I am unable to find an answer to an important question. I just started off with my first DigitalOcean droplet and am quite excited so far.

To the question: How long (how many days) are the automatic backups I am getting kept?

And as a followup question it would also be interesting: Can I configure that somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

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Backups are billed at a rate of 20% of the Droplet’s base rate. So a $5 Droplet could enable backups for an additional $1. The number of backups kept is not configurable. A new one is taken about every three to seven days, and seven backups are kept on file at a time. If you need finer grained control, you can use snapshots.

  • Well thanks for that answer, but that is what I already knew, and totally not my question.

    I did not ask: What do backups cost?

    I meant to ask: How long (how many days, weeks, years?!) are backups kept, that have been created from my droplet?

  • Like I mentioned a new backup is taken every three to seven days, and seven backups are kept on file at a time. So the length of time that a backup is kept will sometimes vary. When a new one is made, if there are already seven, the oldest will be deleted. Snapshots will persist until you delete them.

  • Oh sorry I missed that, I should not respond so rude when I am tired like now. Sorry again! :)

    Thanks for the info, and here is a followup question:

    Currently for the last 5 days (since I have the droplet) a backup is created daily. How does that fit together with “every three to seven days”?

    • Hey there - backups are taken once weekly, and the day of the week is chosen at random to help spread out load on the network from running backups and make sure each backup completes in a timely manner. You can check the schedule for your Droplets from the “Backups” section of a Droplet page, and the last four weekly backups are automatically preserved.