How long does a DO to respond to a support ticket?

Posted September 21, 2016 10.1k views
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It’s been over 2 hours and nothing yet… My site is extremely slow and timing out on every page but the home page.


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That depends on time when you send ticket but usually it is fast.
I had A LOT of tickets with them and 1.5h is some average time (also I had some unimportant tickets). Sometimes it is 2 hours, yet sometimes is 20 minutes, depends.

If you think they forgot you, you can tweet them your ticket #.
You will see it in link -, where 1234567 is your ticket #.

Not sure where I find the ticket#. appreciate your help so far.

  • Did you submitted ticket via Control Panel?
    If yes:

    Go to Support Center - Tickets, or click on link directly.
    Select your ticket.
    You will notice that link is changed from
    Notice seven number at end of link (e.g. 1234567), this is your ticket#!
    It will not be 1234567, it is some random number.

They finally replied and stated that I basically have to troubleshoot or fix it myself. crazy.

I’m just an end user. The website has not been changed since we lauched months ago. Today the site has been extremely slow and timing out. It’s basically unusable. I honestly have no idea where to start. I contacted the support on this site but they just sent me some FAQ article instead of actually looking into the issue. This was after the 3 hour wait for an initial response.

  • I'm just an end user. -> Does that mean you don’t manage/own this website or you are end user of DO. If you it is not your site, contact site administrator.
    If you are manager/owner/administrator:

    Servers DigitalOcean provide is unmanaged, so as far as I know, they don’t and can’t access your server(droplet). I’m not mod or DO employee, so take it with grain of salt.

    Anyways as there could be many problems.
    What I can recommend is checking are you under DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). First symptom is slow/unresponsive site.
    To check that login into your DigitalOcean account and select your droplet. Look out for bandwidth graph. Compare it in last 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month. If you see massive difference (it is much more than it was normally) it could be this.

    If you have Wordpress site, you could be under XML-RPC attack.

    This sounds stupid, but you can even try restarting your platform (SSH -> sudo reboot), maybe it bugged out somewhere, or your app have memory leaks.

    Without details, we really can’t help, neither community, neither support.

    I hope you will fix it in some reasonable time.
    Good luck :)

    by Jon Schwenn
    WordPress is a popular and powerful CMS (content management system) platform. Its popularity can bring unwanted attention in the form of malicious traffic specially targeted at a WordPress site. There are many instances where a server that has not been protected or optimized could experience issues or errors after receiving a small amount of malicious traffic. This guide will show you how to protect WordPress from XML-RPC attacks on an Ubuntu 14.04 system.
  • I am sorry to hear that. DigitalOcean is an un-managed host which means that while we will make sure your droplets boot properly and have a network connection and these things operate properly our support team does not generally provide assistance with software installation, troubleshooting or configuration.

    We strongly recommend that users hosting public facing services on DO be prepared to perform day to day system administration tasks on their own and we provide a ton of resources to help you learn.

    This Q&A section is community driven but myself and other DO employees are also available here to help as best we can with exactly those issues that are outside the scope of our official support team.

    If you can share a bit more information we (myself, my co-workers and the community members here) will do our best to help you identify the problem and resolve it.

    You say that your site is very slow and you are seeing timeouts.

    Is your website static HTML or is it built on a platform like WordPress?

    What web server software are you running (Apache, Nginx)?

    What operating system are you using on your server (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, etc)?

    Also, in order for you to troubleshoot anything you will need access to your droplet’s command line either from the console in the control panel or via ssh (recommended)

Ticket #3242450
It’s already over 4 hours, my server is down. I would like to reply, but no one answers.

Ticket #02722763, i dont have a answer, please its a problem with my account since one weeks ago, please help!

Waiting since friday, still no answere

The customer support/care system of the digital ocean is weird.