How long does it take to transfer a snapshot to another region?

October 22, 2014 4.9k views

I started the transfer so I can spin up another box. I just see the spinner spinning with no idea how long it will actually take. Any idea?

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Unfortunately at this time we don’t provide metrics on how long a region transfer takes. This is definitely not ideal for the user experience and we will be working on improving that or at the very least looking into providing a notification, perhaps via email, to notify customers when a transfer completes.

Depending on how large the filesystem is that you have taken a snapshot will determine the amount of time the transfer takes as well as the latency between the two regions that you are transferring and how many other simultaneous transfers are going on at the same time.


  • Can you please provide some indication for transfer between SGP to BLR datacenter? Rough per GB estimate is fine too.

    • Pricing for data transfer is $0.02 cents per GB at each datacenter.

      • Hi, unrelated to the question, but I cannot find information anywhere about these extra transfer fees you mention. Can you please tell me where I can find a full list of fees?

        • Thanks for pointing this out, it used to be listed on our homepage but isn’t there after our latest redesign, will get that over to the design team.

Its been more than an hour transferring a snapshot of size 5 GB from Singapore to Bangalore. Seems pretty slow.

i’m trying to transfer 1.5GB size snapshot to another account, but it takes more than 1 hour and i dont know that how long it will take to transfer completely.

Just transfered a 3GB snapshot from sfo2 to sgp1. About 5 mins.
I can accept it, but it’s better if there is some metrics

Five hours has already passed but still transfer from one account to another account in the same datacenter is not complete. Is it normal?

trying to move snapshot from one account to another team account in same datacenter. Have had this message showing for the last hour “Once this snapshot transfer has been approved by , you will no longer have access to it.”

Is there a human intervention needed here? If so why? Be good to have an estimate how long a 7G copy will take. I figured no more than 30 mins,

Strange delay.

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