How long does snapshot takes to create ?

September 15, 2014 16.8k views

It seems its taking well over 45 mins, still the snapshot is getting created.. Its bit too longer for a production environment to stay offline..

How long does it take to create a snapshot ??

1GB droplet having around 12% of used disc ??

Server is offline for well over 45 mins as the snapshot keeps showing processing !!!

I dont even see any option to cancel the process and start the server :( any one knows how to stop the snapshot creation process so that the server can be taken back online ??

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FYI - 20GB in AMS1 took 9mins

Before taking snapshots, I'd recommend getting rid of as much rubbish as possible, just due to how ridiculous the waiting times can be. Not only is your server down, money is being taken out of your pocket too. But yeah, fairly normal for it to sometimes take ages, particularly at peak times.

Same in 2016... It's still really slow...

I started looking for this answer after I started taking a snapshot which is a shame. 100g android build environment SGP1. 45 min so far. Cancel would be a really useful option.

It sounds like something is stuck. The control panel may be out of sync as well. If you have logged out of the control panel and logged in with no change, it is time to submit a support ticket.

  • I too thought that and created a support ticket, but few mins later I found the job done notification and it seems Nothing was stuck..

    System just took 55 mins to create a snapshot of 3.6GB of data !!!

    DO guys seriously needs to look into it as its far to longer to sustain the down time :( for production servers !!

  • This is good to know, I have a snapshot of about 9GB going and I was getting worried since the progress bar never moves. I even opened a ticket. I'll just let it run its course I guess.

  • For test setup, time wont be a factor but when taking snapshot of production servers, these time frames are huge !!

    If 3.6 GB takes 1 hr, then larger droplets will take a lot of time, and 2/3 hrs of down time for a production website is quite a lot :(

  • They don't usually take that long. My snapshots (filling about 23% of a 512 MB droplet's disk space - whatever that amounts to) take at most a few minutes to complete.

Same thing. It's down for 15 minutes already and still spinning.
They should have an option to cancel the process.
It's not the first time this happens to me.

21G in LON1 took 50 minutes!

Same in 2015, didn't know the snapshot is going to take so much time.

With such fast disks (ssds all over the place), why does it take so long to create the snapshots? Are you using qemu snapshots?

Maybe using some cow storage technology (Netapp or any ZFS enabled provider) would greatly improve the snapshotting experience ;-)

Really liking this new snapshot update. Now I can see a snapshot of 47.26GB took 39m53s to be created in the AMS3 region. :D

Not too bad for testing and such, I suppose. They really ought to add in the option to make your droplet automatically destroy itself after having an image taken instead of just booting up again since it's no doubt common to take a snapshot before getting rid of a droplet. Would save me a few hours sleep waiting just to save a few pennies for the snapshot to finish being taken.

I have a staging server with around 15G (14GB of musics) (400MB (3,000 files) pictures), it took 19 minutes 56 seconds! May be cause music files copy are faster.
Anyway Good job DO Teams, that's great even for Production.

BTW: Droplet is $5/month -> 512MB and 20GB

Same here, I wish I read this before I clicked Create snapshot...

  • Same story. Digital Ocean needs to make it clear that snapshots take a long time to complete, and they need to provide an option to cancel the snapshot.

Joining the surprised here. Creating a snapshot of 512 MB Memory / 20 GB Disk / AMS2 took 27 minutes.

I just finished an online snapshot on SGP01 and it took 17 minutes (20GB).

Well I was taking the snapshot in order to copy the image and spin up another server with it... but after waiting and then seeing this thread (with no DO response!) I'll just setup the new box w/ Linode instead.

23.3GB in NYC1 took 25 minutes.

27 GB AMS2 - 22 minutes
Red notification "Sorry! Something went wrong" shows every two minutes.
Progressbar stucks on 50% until almost end of process.

Hi Digital Ocean team.

12,17GB AMS2 tok almost 1 hours.

Progressbar stucks on 50% until almost end of process.

This has to be fix ASAP guys.

Dealing with the same issue here. Just a simple notice "this may take 30-60 minutes" would be very helpful, because then I wouldn't have clicked to create a snapshot.

30Gb on AMS2 took 20min

Agree with @stu6b631e4394491e98c39429e should be a warning.

Making a snapshot should be snappy, as the word implies. Otherwise, I would have waited for a normal backup to have run and proceeded after that.

It took 14 minutes for 22 GB - 4GB Ram/60GB disk server

55gb in SFO2 has taken hours :-( Stuck at 50% and doesn't seem to be moving.

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