How long should I expect to wait for a response to an abuse report?

April 1, 2019 227 views
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All necessary information is in the title. I sent an abuse report over two weeks ago, and I haven’t received a response yet. I’d like some idea of how much longer I have to wait.

2 Answers


Usually Digital Ocean support stuff taking 3-5 days to response. I think two weeks is longer to resolve your problem, please send one more time directly via mail so they may help you to solve your problem ASAP.


Hey friend,

We do review all abuse complaints as they come up in our queue. The time can vary a bit. I should also note that we do not publicly discuss any particular abuse complaint, and sometimes we will not discuss one privately either. We do not guarantee that we will agree with the contents of a complaint or take action based on it, only that we will review it and determine the most appropriate action based on the circumstances and variables that create the full context.


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