How many concurrent MySql connections do you allow?

March 27, 2015 4.6k views

I am at right now and they have a max of 25+ concurrent connections mysql/cgi per account, if you go over your account is locked.

Do we have such limits like CPU usage limit and concurrent MySql connections?


2 Answers

Since you receive full root access on your droplets and administer your services we do not place any connection limits on your use of the service.

We do not have implicit limits on CPU use but as your droplet shares physical hardware with other droplets we do ask that you refrain from running processes that keep your CPU at 100% for extended periods of time as this can degrade services for other users.

Thanks for reply, but it does not answer my question.

How many concurrent MySql connections do you allow, can I set max_connetion 1500 connections ?

Is it possible?


  • You can set the maximum connections to a value as high as you want, however you should not "exceed" the resources provided by the Droplet. Further, normal scripts will open a connection and then close it and this happens in a really short period of time (let`s say in the milliseconds range). I can think of occasions when you need hundreds or thousands of concurrent connections, but such applications usually require a dedicated server and not a virtualized machine.

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