how many connections would be recommended on a 512mb l2tp vpn droplet

December 18, 2017 943 views
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I have set up a vpn droplet and would like to know how many connections could it handle without losing any service or speed. I have 5 connections in my house to put through it if possible

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Hi @tambhoy

The number of connections supported will really depend on what each one is doing. For example, if I were to connect my laptop, PS4, and a few iPhones, then download a massive game file from PSN, I’d see drastically lower speeds across the other devices due to network activity from the download.

That being said, speeds while connected to the VPN won’t be any greater than the maximum speeds that are provided by your ISP (even if the connection from our network happens to be greater), thus if you’re saturating the line speed provided by your ISP, you’ll still experience slower speeds until a time where that saturation is reduced or removed.

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