How many droplets will I need, wich ones, and more

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Greetings fellow developers,

I’ll try to summarize my thoughts and questions as short as possible to ease your reading.

I have 4 main objectives with DO:

For the sake of the the points listed below I have a domain.

A. Get a mail server. Mail-in-a-Box comes to my mind.

I don’t want to spend a enormous amount of time installing and configuring MTAs and MDAs. It will be only for my own email and my freelancing business, just a few email accounts.

B. Host my websites and projects.

Planning on building them with the following tools:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3/Less
  • Javascript/jQuery/handlebars
  • Grunt - Automate less compile / concatenate / minify

I’ll be doing my portfolio, perhaps a blog later and a few clients pages (just for demo/dev).

C. Host a teamspeak server, around 30 slots.

D. Host my ownCloud.

————- | ————-

Now, my questions are:

  1. How many droplets will I need and could you advise on the plans? From A to D which would be problematic together? I was planning on email+owncloud on one the rest on another droplet.

  2. I can see that Mail-in-a-Box uses ownCloud in some way. Should I do A and D together? If so, how can one do it? Any special integrations that I get as a result?

  3. For B, which stack would you recommend? LAMP or MEAN? Can I build simple static websites with MEAN? I understand what the concept of Node.js and its frameworks is, although i’m not proficient with it.

  4. Any advice on DNS settings since I’ll have website hosting and email server for the same domain?

Finally but not least, thanks for reading my lenghty question. I’m a self learner so please if you don’t mind, I’ll just need some light guidance and if possible some DO community articles that relate. I’ll be more than happy to try those for myself, read them, and possibly learn more. I’m not asking for a full blown answer for each question. The more you are willing to provide, the more thankful I am though.

Thanks in advance,


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