How many Rails apps can you fit on a starter droplet?

June 12, 2013 5.1k views
Hello, I'm new to Ruby on Rails and VPS. It seems the first bottle neck would be ram if I started with 512MB. I was wondering how many apps I could setup with nginx with passenger, unless there is a more memory efficient way
4 Answers
Theoretically, as many as you want. I suggest you start with the smallest plan (as long as the disk space is enough) and scale to larger plans as need be.
Doesn't each rails app need to be loaded in memory in order for it to serve requests?
I should clarify, need to be loaded in memory so the first request is "instant" instead of the delay of waiting for the rails app to 'boot up'
It depends on the apps you're going to run. I suggest starting with a 512MB droplet and scale up as needed. You can use for benchmarking.
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