How many sites can withstand my droplet?

Posted September 4, 2014 8.8k views

Hi all.
I have droplet (10$/mon) with CentOS 6.5 64bit. Installed vestacp with apache, mysql, php, assasin spam filter, webmail roundcube. In this droplet now working 2 modx sites, 2 wordpress sites. All sites have a low load. Quesion is: how many sites I can store in this droplet for propely working (approximatly)? Now free memory is 160mb (is it normal?).

I suspect that I setted up my system not correctly. I’m newbie in this.



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2 answers

Using applications like Wordpress and Control Panels can eat up a lot of system resources so if you have 160MB of free memory that doesn’t mean you did anything wrong.

You can host as many sites as you like and it all depends on the amount of traffic that you receive. You can host 1,000 sites and each one may only receive one visitor per day and it’s no problem, or you can host a single site that receives 100,000 visitors per day in which case a 512MB droplet running Wordpress wouldn’t be able to sustain the load.

Just keep an eye on your load averages, which should be below 1, since you are running on a single core, and make sure that you aren’t running out of memory.

If either one of those starts to go up you can do a fast-resize and resize to a 1GB size to double your capacity.


When you ssh into your Droplet, run the command “uptime”. It will give you three sets of numbers: uptime for 15 mins, 5 mins, and 1 min. Like @moisey said, you won’t to keep these numbers below 1.