How much can someone charge me to install and configure ubuntu server 14.04 and then setup Moodle on this server?

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I want to setup Moodle on ubuntu server 14.04 so that I can use it to teach several classes in different schools that are in different locations. Each class will be setup as to work in an offline mode with a local server which will be time to time synchronizing with this cloud server I want to set up. I also need to be to collect as much data as possible on students so that I can pick up their performance as early as possible and devise a learning intervention on time.

  • If your server will be importing data from local servers, then it will be a good idea to make a clone copy of one of those moodle setups.

    Do you have access to that? If so, it will be fairly simple to set that up.

    Do you have someone who will be setting up the import from the local servers? If not, is that something you are requesting as well?

  • Thanks for your answer to my question.

    Let us discuss what is supposed to be done how and when. I can do some of this stuff but I will see how much time I have as I will be fulltime working on the Moodle courses, reasons I need the server up and running. So what are we talking in terms of cost, do you know roughly how much this can cost me?

  • do you want to drop me a line? I really need some more info before I can even give a ball-park figure. it is one thing to just set up Moodle on an Ubuntu droplet.

    It is another thing to set up Moodle, write a script to sync that install with several other installs, configure backups, and make sure your droplet is secured.

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This tutorial should help guide you through installing Moodle on your Droplet:

While it is written for Ubuntu 12.04, I briefly went over it and also looked at the comments–it should still apply to more recent versions of Ubuntu. Though you might have to install php5-json and use /usr/share/nginx/html as the web root.

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