How much CPU time am I allowed to use?

December 11, 2014 2.6k views

I need to train neural networks and I couldnt find any information about whether I’m allowed to constantly use a lot of the CPU’s time (ie. 100% usage). If not, what would be still acceptable?

3 Answers

please read the Terms, Privacy, & Copyright Security
you will hopefully now the answer

  • I did actually and I only found paragraph 12.1 which is formulated very vague (no misuse or excessive use of resources) so I wondered what counts as excessive use.

Since digitalocean can’t be bothered to answer, I’ll give you my interpretation. You should be allowed to go ahead and use 100% CPU, you are not allowed to use any exploit to try to get more CPU out of the machine than is available normally. Assuming digitalocean has a clue, you can’t use too much CPU.

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