How much does snapshot costs ?

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I am really new to this unmanaged setup and being a noobe of Linux system, its really fragile for my setup when everything I do is new..

So before I modify anything, I prefer taking a snapshot, which acts like a fail safe restore point for me..

Now the question is, how much does snapshot costs ??

For example, if I take a snapshot and keep it for few hours till which I finish the modification and delete the snapshot if all ok ??

For this how much would I be billed ??


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Updated on 8/16/16: I wanted to provide a quick update on this topic. Starting October 1, 2016, we will begin charging for snapshot storage at $0.05 per gigabyte per month. Just like our other features, snapshot storage uses hourly pricing. The billed size is calculated from a compressed version of the snapshot — not the total disk space allocated for your Droplet.

Is there an update on this? I see the answers above were posted in 2014. I just wanted to see if snapshots are still Free to hold on to? I have taken a snapshot of my server and would like to keep it on my account as a backup point to go back to should i need to in the future.

Do you mind updating on the status of this?

Many thanks

Good question. I’d like to know as well.

Sorry but correct if my understanding of your comment is wrong,

But so at present, if I take a snapshot, I wont be charged anything for it till you implement the rule ??

Which I assume you would notify to users ??

  • I would like this clarified too.

  • That’s correct. You won’t be charged if you take a snapshot now as we’re still not charging for them. Once we do, we’ll make sure that all customers are notified beforehand.

    /cc @michaelstitt

  • DigitalOcean is too good to be true. I mean this in a good way.

  • This is cool. Is it fair to assume that restoring from a snapshot does not cost anything beyond the one hour of cost of spinning up a droplet. I made a snapshot and it said that it was backed up to Glacier - that suggests it might take a few minutes to restore a snapshot. Which is all OK for me. I have some droplets that need to be up al lthe time and other droplets that I use for testing every month or so. Snapshots are wonderful for this - thanks.

How much are you now charging for a snapshot?

  • They shouldn’t be charging anything for them as there’s no disclaimer that one will be charged for it when taking a snapshot. If they are charging for this now then they need to put a disclaimer on it before someone takes a snapshot.

  • @jamesbowlinjr you are 100% correct. We are not charging for snapshots right now and we’ll make sure that all users are notified before we start doing that :)

Love ya digital ocean!

10 free snapshot ftw?. I just love you guys.

Hi Everyone,

Any update on this as at now ??