How much RAM/CPU will this need?

January 26, 2017 4.1k views
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I'm going to run the following software on an Ubuntu droplet:

  • PostgreSQL
  • An ASP.NET Core Server app
  • A Discourse Server (has it's own PostgreSQL)

I will be running these each in Docker containers behind NGINX. How much RAM/CPU will I need? Assume the server will get an average amount of steady traffic (nothing too big/small).

2 Answers

Just pick one that seems right and monitor your droplet to determine whether you need more or less.


Since it looks like you'll be running two instances of PostgreSQL and ASP.NET, I would recommend at least a 2GB Droplet to start with, though you may want to consider the 4GB Droplet to give you a little room to breath. Docker, on its own, doesn't require a ton of resources, though when you're running a number of containers, it can begin to add up.

Database Servers, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, Percona and similar tend to need more a little more RAM, so having the extra room will be beneficial.

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