how much time to create a droplet from a snapshot image?

January 9, 2015 5.6k views

how much time to create a droplet from a snapshot image?
I want to create a 2GB 40GB droplet from an old 1GB 20GB snapshot.
The panel stuck on "Approximately 57 seconds remaining" since 60-70 minutes :)
status says: "new"

  • I had same problem. I had 1G/20G. Judging by the reports in the community I will not use the snapshots never more. I fear that this problem will not fixed, because the DigitalOcean have the problem long time. After 59 min 11 sec the snapshot process finished. I decided to transfer snapshot from Amsterdam1 to Amsterdam2 region. The process of transfering finished after about 1 hours. Now restore process.
    I'm upset very much.

  • @dnkalinin If it is taking an hour to create a droplet based on a snapshot, please open a support ticket so the team can take a closer look. It can take some time to convert the image to a larger format, but certainly not that long.

  • @asd I created a support ticket after 20 minutes. But after 1 hour process was complete. And I closed ticket. Afterwards I received the answer from support.
    Every process with a snapshot (creating, transfering, creating droplet from snapshot) consume about 1 hour.
    Did I have to create 3 tickets for every process and to receive 3 answers when it is irrelevant? Ok, I will create one more ticket.
    2 hours a downtime and I will wait still. Moderators working faster here.

  • Ops! I'm creating a 8GB droplet from a 4GB snapshot... I think about that I will can't sleep tonight.
    The snapshot took 12 minutes :S

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Okay, now I'm know it. it takes 3 hours 34 minutes 17 seconds to restore it.

  • you are right, some time it does take such huge times, but having said that, one must note, restore or creation time depends on the size of the disk also..

LOL, such slow time in 2015! very poor Support - by the time they reply ( after many hours) we have wasted our hourly billing for unused droplet run time

Worst thing is even destroy takes me >10 mins to and still waiting LOL

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