How normaly configurate subdomain on DigitalOcean and domain to blogger

March 6, 2013 2k views
Hi. I have some problem and needed help. My domain registrator is GoDaddy. I configurate and install in virtual host /www/ on DigitalOcean. And worked ok and redirected to my blog on blogger. Approximately two weeks all work fine. But last three days it`s broken and when I go to, didn`t open my blog on blogger. But opened page located on /var/www/ in digitalocean. How I can configurate right? And where? GoDaddy or DigitalOcean dns manager. Two weeks all worked fine, why now its broken?
1 Answer
It sounds like you wanted to redirect to blogger which is hosted outside of our your virtual server so if that is no longer working its probably DNS related.

If you open up a ticket we can dive into it and take a look.
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