How often can a droplet be destroyed?

January 26, 2017 1.5k views

Is there any limit for destroying a droplet?
Can the droplet be destroyed by a script / API and reinstalled from an image / snapshot?
This would be really great for testing purposes.

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Woet January 26, 2017
Accepted Answer

You might cause some red flags if it's more than a dozen times a day, but otherwise no.


There only physical limit would be on API calls.

DigitalOcean does limit the number of API calls you're able to make in specific period of time (this can be checked using the API), though beyond such limits, there shouldn't be any issues. You have quite a large number of calls that may be made as well, so unless you're creating, destroying, modifying, or running hundreds of other commands frequently, chances are you won't be limited by the API.

Ok, so it's better to just take a snapshot and reset it directly.
Thanks again, Woet ;)!

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