How secure is private networking?

October 1, 2017 155 views
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If I have a docker swarm cluster communicating over the private networking feature of Digital Ocean, is that traffic able to be seen by all of the droplets in the region? For example, can a droplet owned by another digital ocean user attempt to join my swarm cluster? In general, how "private" is the private traffic.

Also, can a droplet from one region talk to a droplet in another region if both droplets are owned by the same account?

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sdayman October 1, 2017
Accepted Answer

"Private" really just means internal to that datacenter. So it's not all that private.

And no, it's only that datacenter. Private Networks don't extend across datacenters.

Read the tutorial below and skim the comments. There's a lot of discussion there.

by Etel Sverdlov
Here's documentation on how to set up and use DigitalOcean private networking.
  • Wow! So you're telling me that the free WiFi at Starbucks has better security than DigitalOcean private networking. Each account should at least be on its own private subnet.

    I hope everyone is encrypting the database connections for their web apps. :)

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