How should I upgrade my droplet without losing my IP?

December 5, 2013 3.1k views
Hi, I have the basic droplet (512m) and I want to upgrade to 1Gb droplet and get more disk space and memory. I saw that the fast-resize I will not get more disk space. So how should I performance the upgrade from 5c/512Mb/20GB to 10c/1GB/30GB without losing my current IP and getting the plus 10GB of disk?
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First, please vote for this feature on DigitalOcean's Customer Feedback Forum: movable IP from VM to VM ("elastic IP").

Word on these Q&A threads is that you're "likely" to be reassigned the same IP address -- so long as you create a new droplet w/in a relatively short period of time after destroying a droplet.
Hi Pablo, thanks for your reply.

I just voted, but I cannot hang on a "likely" option... If this is the only alternative I will have to think what I will do...

I cannot loose my IP, I will have to do many fixes if I change... and a "likely" and "relatively short period of time" are too unsafe for me at this time...
Upon destroying a droplet, your IP is reserved for about 15 minutes. You should have time to recreate!
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