How to access a website by domain name using Vesta Control Panel

May 26, 2019 509 views
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I am a newbie with Centos 7 and Vesta Control Panel. I have installed Vesta CP on Centos 7 successfully and configured DNS records, FTP correctly, etc.

However, I cannot access my website via domain name, but I can view it via IP instead.

I have searched on the Internet, but cannot find a solution to it.

Can you please help guide me how to configure VestaCP so that I can view it via both domain name and IP?

I appreciate your kind support.



2 Answers

To start you will need to ensure that your domain name is directed at your droplets IP address or Floating IP respectfully if you set this up. The DNS entry can be an A:RECORD for the naked domain ( or a sub-domain (, this is your choice.

Hi jasonjpeters,

Thank you for your help.

What is a Floating IP? Do I need it to host my websites?

I seem to setup DNS records correctly, that is why my domain name has been propagated well at

However, I cannot access my website via domain name; only IP can display my website. How can I make my website viewed via Domain Name on Vesta CP?

I appreciate any advice.


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