How to access my app via ip without specify port?

May 6, 2014 2.8k views
Hi, I have a Dokku app that uses Django (don't know if that's important). When I type my url on browser I get a "It works" page, but when I push I get something like: --> Application deployed: http://9*.**.**.*5:49157 But when pushed an update it was like: --> Application deployed: http://9*.**.**.*5:49159 So, how can I make it, so, doesn't matter how many times I push, it remains in same port (otherwise I won't be able to set a domain name). It would be perfect if you could tell me how could I make it so I didn't have to type the port, just the url in browser and still see my code. Thanks
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To have a persistent URL you need to set up DNS first. There isn't a way to have a persistent port number with Dokku.

First you need to set up two A records: IN A your.ip.address
* IN A your.ip.address

Then edit the file "/home/dokku/VHOST" on your droplet to contain "" Now you app will become available at:
  • Hi,
    I do not have /home/dokku/vhost. In home/dokku the files that i have are hostname,env,version.
    where should i edit?

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