How to access phpmyadmin after wordpress installation ?

April 16, 2016 25.4k views

I installed wordpress using one click installation . i don't know how to access phpmyadmin . i want to access the database to change something .

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by Justin Ellingwood
While many users require access to a database management system like MySQL, not all users feel comfortable interacting with the MySQL prompt on a daily basis. In this guide, we'll discuss how to install and secure phpMyAdmin, a web management interface for MySQL, on an Ubuntu 14.04 server.
  • Hi,
    I followed this guide and PHPMyAdmin was successfully installed. H, it did not show the WordPress database.

I had this same problem. My phpmyadmin login did not allow me to see the wordpress databases. I searched through where I took notes on the original phpmyadmin install and found that I had saved a password:

rootmysqlpass = 'some password' (mine was long). I must have gotten this from the console while installing and, not knowing what it was, just saved it just in case.

I went back to the phpmyadmin login and instead of logging in as 'phpmyadmin', I logged in as root and cut and pasted the rootmysqlpass that I had saved. It worked and I had access to the wordpress databases. also i could go to user accounts and edit the privileges for phpmyadmin. I just checked the box "Global Privileges" and then clicked "go". Then when I logged out and logged in as phpmyadmin again I could see the databases and had all the privileges needed.

If you DO NOT have your rootmysqlpass anywhere, there is another solution I found in my searches. With FTP, (I use FileZilla it is great!), you can navigate to etc>mysql and there is a file in there called "debian.cnf". Open it and you will see a user, (mine was "debian-sys-mint") and a password. You can login to phpmyadmin with that user and password and you will see the wordpress databases. You can then go and change the privileges for the user "phpmyadmin" just like if you logged in as the root user.

I hope this helps and saves someone 2 hours of the time I just spent figuring this out.

Hi, after install the wordpress, I can access it thru my domain URL ("")

When I try to see phpmyadmin, thru "", I see a "page not found" warning from WP itself, not apache.

How can I fix this, so the phpmyadmin address url is recognized and directed to the rigth place?

  • you have to remove it, and install again. Look this instruction carefully: "When the first prompt appears, apache2 is highlighted, but not selected. If you do not hit "SPACE" to select Apache, the installer will not move the necessary files during installation. Hit "SPACE", "TAB", and then "ENTER" to select Apache."

    That solve the problem for me.

No need to direct access to Cpanel to enter phpMyAdmin. You can use the WP plugin -

Should be


not rootmysqlpass.

The underscores seem to mess up the formatting.

Same problem here? "Error 404"

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