How to access root directory for koken?

October 7, 2014 2.4k views

Hey everyone,
Recently I installed Koken on my server using the following link (After that I have not done anything else to the server, still to create another user other than root)
However when I connect via SFTP to the server, I cannot find the Koken installation. I am using FileZilla. I go into the "var" folder, but from there there is no "www" folder. What can I do because I need to get into the root directory of Koken.

Here is the link to the koken installation that I undertook:

1 Answer

Koken is running inside of a Docker container. So it is a self-contained environment. There are two directories that are mounted so that they are accessible on both the host system and the container: /data/koken/www and /data/koken/mysql

/data/koken/www is the web root that is served by the Nginx process in the container.

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