After today’s outage, I can’t access my droplet. The website is down. SSH is not connecting, the DO console comes up, but does not respond to any of my input. When I click the buttons to power cycle the device or turn it off, they respond with an error.

I can ping the box and there shouldn’t be any firewall blocking access. My IP address has not changed.

When I opened a ticket, they suggested I try SSH, the console, hitting the admin pages of my website, logging in to the server, etc.

I fear my choices here are to restore an snapshot and go from there.

Any other thoughts on how to get access to this box?

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The power off button on the droplet interface finally worked, so I could reboot the server and get access. I’m still puzzled about the error messages when I clicked on it.


To me it looks like that this problem seems to have been related to this incident reported on the DigitalOcean status page here:

The problem seems to have been resolved by the DigitalOcean engineering team already.


  • yes and no. They resolved their issue, but my server stayed unresponsive long after their systems came up.

    The timeline is:
    1- The server stopped when the incident started.
    2- The incident was resolved about 10 hours later
    3- All my other servers came back online
    4- This server was unreachable by SSH or recovery console, was showing a slight amount of bandwidth use, no CPU, no memory and was unresponsive to http/https. It was pingable.
    5- hitting the “power off” or “recycle power” buttons on the droplet UI resulted in an error message
    6- After a few hours of trying, the power off button finally responded without an error message and the server went off and then rebooted.

    My questions are:
    what other choices were available when the power buttons were throwing errors?
    what else might I have tried?
    What caused the errors when trying to power it off?
    How to ensure that either doesn’t happen again or that I have a way to resolve it?