How to access to Droplet If private Key is Lost

July 5, 2015 5.9k views
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How I will access to droplet if I loose my private key. I am running Ubuntu 14 and Given "No" to Password Authentication.

Please help me understand that what I have to do if I loose my private Key

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You have two options,
if you have a system user with a password set (even though SSH Password Auth is off) then you can use the Web Console to access it, as this is like accessing the server physically and thus only supports passwords.
Your other option is the Recovery Kernel (or Recovery Distro, for which you have to ask Support to enable this for you)
The Recovery Kernel you can enable yourself, you can mount your partitions and add your new Public key using this. Use this guide, for how to enable this kernel, the fsck stuff is unrelated:

by Justin Ellingwood
Linux includes a filesystem checking utility called fsck that can be used to recover your system in cases of corruption. In this guide, we will discuss how to attempt to recover your filesystem if there are filesystem issues by using the fsck kernel and a recovery ISO.
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