How to add additional IP for droplet

May 14, 2015 6.4k views
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Is there any way we can add additional IP to the droplet. I am having a droplet for the apache-server, and I would like to assign different IPs for each domain in the virtual host. This is something very necessary for the SEO score.
Please let me know, If we have any option in the Digital Ocean for that.

Vinay Saini

1 Answer

Hey Vinay,

Sorry to say but if you may please refer to the FAQ section,

You may see, DO doesn't allow more than 1 IP per droplet !!

For Dedicated IP per domain, I guess the option is separate droplet per domain..


  • The default IP which DO provides with each new Droplet, is it a dedicated IP or shared? If it's shared, is it possible to add One Dedicated IP to one Droplet?

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