how to add extra diskspace in drop let.

Posted June 23, 2015 14.7k views

I read that there is no option in Digital Ocean to add an extra disk space in current droplet.

So now i want to know how to upgrade drop let.
Current i am using centos 6 with cpanel.
will my all setting and files remains same as it is.
please tell me steps to upgrade it and all files in cpanel must not change.

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I read that there is no option in Digital Ocean to add an extra disk space in current droplet.

Did you read this ??

There are two option in Resize (only when you power down your droplet for the upgrade),

  • Permanent (Will Increase Disk Size)
  • Flexible Resize (Wont touch Disk, allowing you to scale down on later date)

The only limitation is that you can’t add separate resource, like staying on base USD 5 plan with 512MB RAM but want to add extra 40 GB space..

If you upgrade, whole plan has to upgrade..

  • yeah i didnt read that.
    will my data remain same and how long it will take?

  • The first step of shutting the droplet from terminal wont take much, a minute of so, depending on your OS and its configuration..

    The resizing and new plan activation may take a while depending on your present disk size and used space of it..

    It may take 15 to 30 mins, but I have seen in some cases, it may take twice more than that..

    If you see the process taking longer than an hour, in that case, you should open a support ticket..

Click Resize in the DO panel.

…and not to forget change all the performance settings which are still optimized for the smaller droplet like swap size, no. of workers, php memory allocation etc. etc. etc.


40GB+ data on server, i guess it will take alot time.
will may data remain same on cpanel,
i have installed cpanel

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