How to add just a subdomain on a new droplet?

July 25, 2019 122 views

Hello, i have a droplet which has a Wordpress website and it is on my main domain “”, i need to create a forum which is a discourse forum. So i created a droplet with one-click discourse from marketplace.

But when I added my A record with “” in cloudflare and added “” in my new droplet, it still shows nothing

Can anyone tell how to make subdomain directed to the new droplet’s ip address!!

Appreciate your help!!

1 Answer

1) Go to the domain controller of the control panel and create an A record
2) If you are using apache, create a vhost for that subdomain
3) Ready

This is how I have it in mine

  • but the domain is registered with other droplet and i want a subdomain on other droplet, a discourse forum droplet

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