How to add SSD Drive for a paln - $80 4GB Memory 4 Cores 160GB Disk?

September 6, 2012 3.9k views
I would like to add an SSD Drive 40 GB for one of the standard plans say $80 4GB Memory 4 Cores 160GB Disk. How can I do this? Can I mount SSD Drive separately? What are the charges for SSD Drive as an Add-on? What other options available?
2 Answers
SSD drives are only available under special plans in the "High Performance" section when you create a new droplet. We currently do not allow you to add SSD to an existing server, or add more disk to expand storage.

You can select an SSD server right away by selecting "High Performance" from the new droplet page in your control panel.
If I need any extra Disk space ... what are the options?
Is there a plan to support this feature in the near term?

What would be ideal is to be able to buy extra disc space that can possibly mounted onto one or more servers.
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