How to add trailing dot to hostnames using DNS Manager?

June 12, 2019 207 views

I’m configuring name servers for one of my domain according to this guide here:

It specifically says:

(Do not forget the trailing dots)

But using the new DNS Manager UI, we can’t add trailing dot (see screenshot here:

Is there any neat trick that I’m not aware of or is it okay this way? Anybody has an idea?


1 Answer


I believe that the way that you have it in the screenshot is fine.

Basically if you do not add a trailing dot in the Hostname filed, your domain name would be automatically appended.


  • If you put tests in the Hostname filed, your domain would be appended:
  • If you put in the filed, without a dot at the end, you would get:
  • If you put in the filed, the end result would simply be:

Hope that this makes sense :)

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