How to assign a floating IP to reverse DNS

December 7, 2016 2.9k views

It is my understanding that a reverse DNS entry should point to the server found in your A records (maybe I am off on this, and if so, feel free to let me know).

Going with that premise, I would think that digitalocean floating IP addresses should update the pointer for the reverse dns to use the floating IP instead of the droplet IP.

However, digitalocean uses the droplet IP and does not allow reassignment to the floating IP. So I have two questions:
Am I off base in my analysis here?
If I am not off base here, what is the appropriate way to get a reverse dns entry for a floating IP?


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Is there any plans on revisiting this question? As far as I can tell, its almost impossible to run a legitimate email server (and expect others to accept your mail) without reverse DNS working. I'm mainly talking about cPanel here. It would be great to be able to use floating IPs for migration or DR if one server died, however without DNS I don't see another way. Thank you.

Currently we do not support PTR records for floating IPs. The PTR for your droplet's public ipv4 address is set automatically based on the name given to the droplet (if the name is a fully qualified domain or subdomain name).

What about IPv6 addresses? How do we set reverse records for those?

+1 to this request, please

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