How to avoid blacklisting droplets due to constant heavy network usage

Posted October 20, 2016 2.6k views
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Hello DO,

After some struggle finding info about DO’s networking specifics , I was able to find this statements:

  • Each physical hypervisor node has multiple 1Gbps network links (up and down).

  • These connections are shared by the droplets on the node

  • If your droplet is constantly above 300Mbps, sooner or later it will be blacklisted

We want to deploy our mobile backend services which have constant heavy network usage profile,
so I was hoping you can give us few answers about how to stay safe on your infrastructure, while
having some sane networking performance.

  • Are the droplets safe if we have many of them ( > 100 ) that are constantly using 290 Mbps ?

  • Can we go safely above 300Mbps with the private network ?

  • What happens if we hit a hypervisor that has 3 droplets already constantly using > 300 Mbps, is there
    any traffic shaping applied in that case ?

  • Is there any connection between the instance size and the 300Mbps limit

Regards, Bobby

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2 answers

Some information is a bit out of date. In many of our data centers, hypervisors now have 40Gbps connections (which should answer the question about multiple other droplets).

The 300Mbps is a recommendation but not a hard limit. We began advising this number as it falls below any threshold that could potentially cause an issue if a user failed to reach out about high usage beforehand (such as people seeding (legal) torrents). If you expect to see this kind of usage I would recommend opening a ticket with our support team to discuss options. They can advice on best practices and if needed, make a note on your account regarding the expected bandwidth usage.

  • Additionally, if you plan to be running >100 droplets regularly I would recommend reaching out to our customer success team (our support team can escalate your ticket to them) who work with larger customers to advise on and in some cases customize solutions to meet their needs.

Thanks a lot for the info.