how to back up a droplet.?

March 19, 2015 2k views
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My wordpress site was down for a few hours yesterday. I noticed there is a back up droplet function. How do I make this happen? I am not a developer. I have three back ups on my hard drive, but none with DO.

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You can backup your droplet in two ways, by taking a snapshot at any time or through the automated backup function—only available if enabled during the droplet creation. Learn more about them here. On your control panel you can also click on the Droplet Help—The big ? at the top right of the page—and type the desired keyword (e.g. backup) to read the associated FAQ answers.

by Etel Sverdlov
This tutorial provides an explanation for how backup and snapshots work on DigitalOcean. Additionally, it includes information on how to scale, backup, and clone out servers with snapshots.
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