How to best install two wordpress sites side by side on the same Droplet (I Gg RAM, 30 Gg SSD) ?

August 30, 2017 2.6k views
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I'm just getting started, I haven't done anything yet, not even created my Droplet?

I want to make sure I'm doing right the first time. I'll be running a 10.$/m droplet (1 Gg RAM, 30 Gg SSD, 2 TB transfer).

Please note, I don't want to do a wordpress multi-site installation.

Thanks for any help,

Denis Paul

3 Answers

10us=xxxxx i no

Just create different directories in the /var/www folder with two separate vhosts with different mysql databases.

  • 2 separate vhosts and 2 separate mysql databses; so, I guess you're saying I can't do it with the Wordpress on 16.04 one-click app, I'll have to first install Ubuntu 16.04 and then proceed to create differents folders, different vhosts and differents mysql databases?

    Is that right?

    • Yes unless you do want to use multisite.

      • Since I'm not familiar with server configuration and management, will I be able to install PHPMyAdmin later on?

        • Yes you can but I would recommend against using phpmyadmin itself on any instance.

          • ??? C-Panel then?

          • You should learn mysql and manage your databases yourself which is much safer, since you're using wordpress it should be simple just to use mysql syntax to create a database which should be dead simple, if you need help just search how to make a database in mysql-server.

OK thx Aprexer, I'll follow your advice for the future but as for now, I don't have time for this... :-(

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