How to block spam emails if they have same sender and receptionist address for single user using POSTFIX.

December 11, 2018 810 views
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I am using postfix, but someone trying to hack me and sending spam email to get paid, So far I have blocked emails using headerchecks and bodychecks but now he is sender spam emails in the Chinese language. with same my email address to me. I wanted to block the same emails from my own address to me please help.

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Hey friend,

Personally I enjoy rspamd for filtering spam with Postfix:

That said, there's only one way that I can think of for a "one size fits all" fix on this. Are they sending these emails from a specific server, or through a large mailing service? If they're sending from one server, grab that server's IP from your logs and black hole it like this:

ip route add blackhole
(Replace with their server IP)

If it's always the same sender, I'm pretty sure this still works, despite it's age:


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