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My question title may not appropriate as I am not so aware of how to call it. I will appreciate it if anyone can edit to fits the query.

I am planning to build a web application where users will subscribe. For instance, CRM or Project management application. I want to have a separate instance and database with a custom domain for enterprise subscribers, and I may have a common database or instance for non-enterprise subscribers. The subscription will be handled through a marketing website, where all subscribers will checkout and have their own account.

  • Marketing website to subscribe
  • Application instance / website/ database / etc

Once the subscription period is over and it is not renewed, they will lose access. If they do not renew/reactivate for x time, the instance will destroy itself.

I am quite confident with PHP and MySQL, have some knowledge of *AWS** and Digital Ocean. I am planning to use Laravel for serverside. However, I am open to other languages as well, such as python.`*

Can anyone help me to learn the best approach for the system I want to
make. Pros and Cons and things to be considered? Also, approach to make a mobile application for the subscriber where they can access their own instance.

Also, find here

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Hi there,

I have also been using Laravel for a while now and I believe that it is a great choice for building a SaaS project.

I’ve been quite happy with Laravel Wave as it comes with out of the box Authentication, Subscriptions, Invoices, Announcements, User Profiles, API, and etc. That way you could focus only on the functionality.

Hope that this helps!

  • @bobbyiliev Thanks a lot for your answer. It is good to know that someone is using Laravel as a SaaS and working fine.’

    I was completely unaware of Wave. So thanks for mentioning it. I have checked the website and looks great at the first look. I will have to explore it more for better understanding.

    Need Suggestion

    What approach would you suggest so each enterprise subscriber can have their own database and own domain? Also for the shared subscriber with sub-domain ( or sub-site (

    • Hi there,

      I could suggest a few things:

      • You could either use the new DigitalOcean App platform and deploy each application on there individually, that way you will not have to worry about server setup and you will get CI/CD out of the box. Each app will have its own database + domain name
      • I would personally prefer the subdomain approach as you will have more control over where each domain is pointed, for example, it will be easier to set up a separate server and host the specific subdomains on separate servers if you decide to do that in the future.

      Hope that this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.