How to change email Address in Digital Ocean?

June 26, 2013 10.2k views
How to change email Address in Digital Ocean? i didn't find any Option for changing email address :| Plz reply me asap. thanks.!
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While I'm not an official source, I do not believe there is currently any way to change the email address associated with a DigitalOcean account.

You may, however, be able to email support and ask for an email change.
oh god why? :S
i accidentally enter wrong email address :|
so what can I do?
My best suggestion would be to email support using the email address you registered with. In this email I would ask if it would be possible to change email addresses associated with the account.
Another option would be to open a Ticket using the account you want to change the email for.
Please open up a support ticket, the support team will be able to change your email address.
I'd also like to do this (company rebranding means a new domain). This should be part of the settings, not something you need a support ticket for.
I recently looked into this too. You can now do this from the control panel. Simply click on the email address link on the settings page (not very intuitive, as you think it is a normal email link), and an option to update it will appear.
@Causing Effect: You're definitely right. I pointed this out to our design team, and they're going to make it more clear by adding a small edit button next to the email address in the settings page.

Thanks for pointing it out!
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