How to change the maximum upload file size in LiteSpeed/WordPress

October 1, 2019 145 views

I have found many solutions for this, but I’m looking for the simplest, least-intrusive way to change the maximum upload file size for WordPress. Specifically, for a droplet created with the LiteSpeed/WordPress image from DO’s marketplace.

I attempted to add the line php_value upload_max_filesize 64M to the bottom of the .htaccess file using LiteSpeed’s built-in “Edit .htaccess” menu command. It did nothing.

Also, I had to do a sudo reboot from ssh because I cannot figure out how to reboot just the web server, either.

  • sudo service nginx restart doesn’t work.
  • sudo service httpd restart doesn’t work.
  • sudo service apache restart doesn’t work.
  • sudo service apache2 restart doesn’t work.

They all give me Unit <servicename>.service not found.

Finding and editing the correct php.ini file, then force-rebooting the entire droplet seems a bit harsh to me, as though there should be a more elegant way.

Is there?

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Hi Sturm,

The simple way is to edit the “/usr/local/lsws/lsphp73/etc/php/7.3/litespeed/php.ini” file and change the line “uploadmaxfilesize = 16M” to “uploadmaxfilesize = 64M” (for example).

Since this image is based on LiteSpeed Web Server, you may want to use the command “service lsws restart” to make the new value take effect.


  • Nope, try again.

    At least your commands do not result in error messages, which is what I’m used to seeing. However, I am still stuck at 16M.


I just launched a new server and it seems to work from my end.

Could you also confirm if value updated or not from php info page?
You can try creating an info.php file under /var/www/html with content


You’re welcome to direct message me @Eric via LiteSpeed community on Slack.

I should be able to help you fix the issue sooner that way.


For anyone maybe interested. The fix method is to increase the post_max_size value, not the uploadmaxfile and then do service lsws restart or killall lsphpnew. ^ ^

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