How to Clean malware Mal/FBScam-A of the apache server?

November 23, 2014 3.6k views

Several times lately I often receive complaints or reports of abuse by to the Digitalocean. They say that my site is infected with malware (Mal/FBScam-A), but after I checked all the files on my server one by one very carefully, I do not even find things that are suspicious.
I do not know whether the report of the really valid or just a mistake, but it really makes me uneasy. I sometimes think I should move my site to bloggers with all the risks that may be detrimental to me at a later date. For those who can help, please let me know how to get out of this problem?
Thank you.

1 Answer

It’s possible that it’s just a false positive. Try running ClamAV and seeing if it finds anything – see asb’s answer on antivirus software for ubuntu 14.04 server | DigitalOcean.

Also take a look at: An Introduction to Securing your Linux VPS | DigitalOcean.

by Justin Ellingwood
Linux security is a complex task with many different variables to consider. In this guide, we will attempt to give you a good introduction to how to secure your Linux server. We will discuss high-level concepts and areas to keep an eye on, with links to more specific advice.
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