How to close out Digital Ocean cloud account?

December 8, 2016 997 views

When the time comes and you dont need these cloud services anymore, I'd like to close out the account to avoid extra charges... what is the best way to do that effectively?
Considering the different cloud services you have that could incurr usage.

1 Answer

Great question! Once you've destroyed all of your Droplets, you can fully deactivate your account here:

If you choose to purge your data, you can't re-open that specific account again, but can re-use the same email address. If you keep your data, you can always just open up your account again when you're ready!

  • Okay, how do I destroy droplets. I deactivated my account only to find there were additional charges and was advised by a drop down instruction to close droplets. I don't find means on the screen to do this.
    I ultimately need to close my account and sever all activities with DO.

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