How to configure a multi-datacenter cassandra in digital ocean.

June 16, 2015 2.7k views

I got this problem trying to setup a way to "link" 2 datacenters (one is in NYC2 and the other is in SFO2) I have manage to install datastax cassandra and setup two nodes in NYC2. My intention is setup the same datastax cassandra on SFO2 and let them replicate the data between data centers.
There is a lot of info on how to do that in EC2 how ever I can not find any information on using public IP addresses.

Thanks. in advance

1 Answer

This tutorial should do the trick. While geared towards a cluster in a single region, simply using the public IP address instead of the private one should allow you to have a multi-region cluster.

by Ryan Quinn
The Cassandra One-Click Application was retired in 2017
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