How To Configure Content Caching Using Apache Modules

November 12, 2014 3.7k views


I have follow this guide but i end up whit:

sudo a2enmod disk_cache
ERROR: Module disk_cache does not exist!

sudo a2enmod mem_cache
ERROR: Module mem_cache does not exist!

How can i install this modules?

1 Answer


That tutorial was written for Ubuntu 12.04. What OS are you running? There have been some changes in more recent versions of Apache. As of Ubuntu 14.04 disk_cache.conf is now cache_disk:

sudo a2enmod cache_disk

According to the official Apache upgrading guide, mod_mem_cache was removed from Apache 2.4:

These modules have been removed: mod_authn_default, mod_authz_default, mod_mem_cache. If you were using mod_mem_cache in 2.2, look at mod_cache_disk in 2.4.

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