How to configure DKIM signature with ajenti and score 10/10 with mail-tester ?

September 3, 2017 1.2k views
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I’m having some troubles configuring the DKIM signature following this tutorial (

I have AJENTI running on my server and it seems to be reading the DKIM signature from /etc/exim4/dkim/private.key.

If I set the opendkim private signature in ajenti /etc/opendkim/keys/<my-domain>/mail.private i’m not able to send emails anymore (nobody will receive them)

If I generate a new DMIN key from ajenti’s control panel the signature is a valid one but three days later, my score in mail-tester goes down again.

Can you help me please with this issue? It’s really annoying to fix it and then get the emails in SPAM again.

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