How to configure FTP on Zpanel using Cent OS 6 ?

September 11, 2013 6.6k views
I have sucessfully installed zpanel on centos 6 . Now I have created a ftp account in zpanel & gave it root access . Now when i try to connect to filezilla to my server ip using the ftp account details it just refuses it ? Can anyone tell me why its refusing ? or am i missing something ?
3 Answers
You should never, ever (ever!) use FTP. Use SFTP, instead.

If you still have trouble establishing a connection, copy the FileZilla error log, paste it onto Pastie & provide us w/the link.
Try connecting to the site's ip address and also the domain name without "ftp." in front of it. That's what worked for me.

im having the same problem nothing works
i need to know how to change the ftp settings
i have zpanel
and i just changes regions fallowing the guidelines

any ideas

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