How to Configure Kickstart in Red Hat Enterprise linux 7 ?

April 14, 2015 2.7k views
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I have Configure *Kickstart *in Red hat 6 it was successful ; But in Red Hat 7 is making some problem... not working....

There is some changes in Redhat 7 kickstart files..

Can any one Tell what is prerequisites and How to configure it ..
Thank you !!!

1 Answer


Without more information about the problems you're running into, it's hard to answer your question. If you could provide some details, we might be able to help more. That said, you should check out the RHEL 7 documentation, it has a few pointers:

23.3.1. Changes in Kickstart Syntax

While the general principles of Kickstart installations tend to stay the same, the commands and options can change between major releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. You can use the ksverdiff command to display the differences between two versions of the Kickstart syntax. This is useful when updating an existing Kickstart file to be used with a new release. To display a list of changes in syntax between Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7, use the following command:

$ ksverdiff -f RHEL6 -t RHEL7

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