How to connect a DigitalOcean domain to Wix by Pointing

May 15, 2019 390 views
DigitalOcean DNS Configuration Management Ubuntu

Hello community,
I have a DigitalOcean droplet that contains several domains and I need to connect one of my DigitalOcean domain to Wix by Pointing (I cannot use DNS connection method).
My objective is to have https certification for my domain, which by Wix side I can get only if I set both CNAME and A record).
So, from Wix side we got the IP address value of the A record and the CNAME value (I followed this guide: ( ).
So, I need to set the following configuration:

Type Host Value

But I cannot enter the same “Host” for CNAME and A record.
How can I solve this issue?


1 Answer

Hello, you do not have to enter the host, you can just update the CNAME and the A records and this would work fine.

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