how to connect to my droplet whit ssh and proxy?

May 10, 2016 2.9k views
DigitalOcean Configuration Management VPN

sorry for my English.

the question is, I buy even server access through ssh, the seller gives me the address of the proxy server to use as with 80,8080,8888 ports. and ssh access port 443 is and upstream proxy port 8989, I connect with an app for android.
I now want to buy a Droplet and make a connection like. Thank you

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  • Well I guess you could change your default SSH port from 443 to an open port you have on your machine i.e. 80,8080,8888


    .Thats the location of the SSH config on Ubuntu, you werent specific on which distro

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mmm but the upstream proxy , i not understand.

  • So you want to use a Proxy as an outlayer to mask the true server ip? and you are worried about reaching SSH due to port restrictions correct ?

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