How to connect to my server using SFTP?

March 30, 2016 9.1k views
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Hello friends,

I'm trying to connect to my server using SFTP as told in

But I don't understand how the ssh keys works. How can I get them from the server to use in FileZilla in my Mac?

I can connect to the server using ssh but not sftp. I get this

subsystem request failed on channel 0
Connection closed

And them I want to give access to another friend, to some folders.
How do I create a ssh key for him and give him access?


1 Answer

I can clear up a couple things for you...

  • The way SSH keys work is that they exist as a private/public pair that together grant you access. The keypair is generated on your local computer and your public key is then added to the server in the file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

  • The SSH client on droplets supports SFTP by default, ProFTPD is not generally required unless you have specific requirements.

  • The option to add your private key to FileZilla can be found in FileZilla Settings > Connection > SFTP > Public Key Authentication

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